Client Testimonials

As a data analyst professional, I know how to present complex data in a way that is easy to understand. With help from my English language coach, I've learned how to create stories that not only convey information, but also motivate people to take action. I highly recommend Dimitrios if you want to improve your skills in data story presentations. His expertise and guidance have been very helpful, and I feel like I have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.
Katelyn Sia
Digital Analyst at UBS
I have been taking business English classes with Dimitrios for several months now and have seen a significant improvement in my language skills. Dimitrios is an exceptional instructor who is able to break down complex grammar concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Their teaching style is engaging and interactive, making the learning process enjoyable. I would highly recommend Dimitrios to anyone looking to improve their business English skills.
Bastian Schönfeld
CFO - Geschäftsführer für Finanzen & Strategie bei eepos
Dimitrios attended CELT Athens and earned his CELTA certification. His professional development and expertise come as no surprise as he was very active in group discussions and displayed a passion for teaching English as a second language. He is an asset to anyone wanting to improve their English language skills.
Marisa Constantinides
Managing Director at CELT Athens
As a non-native English speaker working in a multinational company, it was crucial for me to improve my business English language skills. Dimitrios has been a lifesaver in helping me achieve my goal. Dimitrios has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they customise their lessons to suit my specific needs and level. I have noticed a significant improvement in my language abilities since starting classes with Dimitrios and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch business English teacher.
Mohamed El Rouby
CFO - MEA and Global Finance Lead at Pharmanovia
I have taken business English classes from several teachers in the past, but Dimitrios stands out as the best. Dimitrios is patient, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour which makes the learning process fun and engaging. Dimitrios has helped me build my confidence in using English in a business setting, and I now feel much more comfortable communicating with colleagues and clients. I highly recommend Dimitrios to anyone looking to improve their business English skills.
Basem Waheed
Finance Manager - Golden Chicken Farms Co.
Comment on a LinkedIn: Great tips for all leaders, but really helpful to utilize when working in a second language. I love how structuring the discussion makes it easier on the individual running the meeting, and summarizing points is key to ensuring understanding serves to ensure their own understanding of their team as well!
Samantha Lantagne
English language coach