About Dimitrios

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit — Aristotle

I’m Dimitrios Paparizos and thrilled to be here with you. I am also multilingual like yourself with Greek being my second language due to my parents being Greek natives. As a first-generation American, I understand the complexity as well as the simplicity of learning a second language. Learning a second language is challenging, however, learning smarter not harder will get you the results you deserve. As a Cambridge certified English language teacher with 10+ years of teaching at colleges, universities and online, I see you struggling to improve your communication and presentation skills in English.. In between work or study and hanging out at your favorite café or just relaxing and watching a movie, you think about getting being accepted and respected by your international colleagues or giving that breakthrough recommendation that increases your companies profitability.  You know that working at an international company or getting promoted to Chief Finance Officer will bring you well-deserved success, and respect from your peers and family members. But it’s not so easy. You sometimes feel overwhelmed and defeated. I’m here to help!